Privacy Policy

Policy – Supply Chain
This Policy demonstrates Royal Rays BV is committed and its expectations for its product suppliers regarding actions to address Conflict Minerals (Diamonds). Royal Rays BV expects its suppliers to have in place policies and due diligence measures that will enable us to reasonably assure that products and components supplied to us containing conflict minerals are DRC conflict free. We being a responsible company, Royal Rays BV supports the goal of the Dodd-Frank Act of preventing armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries from benefitting from the sourcing of Conflict Minerals from that region. Royal Rays BV is committed to working with its suppliers to educate them on these matters and concerning steps they can take to obtain increased transparency regarding the origin of minerals contained in the products they manufacture and sell to Royal Rays BV. Royal Rays BV reserves the right to request additional documentation from its suppliers regarding the origin of any Conflict Minerals included in any products sold to Royal Rays BV. Suppliers who do not reasonably comply with this Policy shall be reviewed by Royal Rays BV for future business.
Policy – Sourcing
Royal Rays BV is committed to ensuring that our supply chain is free of any metal which was procured for the support or benefit of armed and anti social conflict groups or involving serious abuses of human rights and non compliant with OECD Guidelines. Royal Rays BV clearly criticizes such activity and will reject any material which we believe was obtained involving serious human rights violations or which benefitted or supported armed rebels or terrorist groups through illegal finance or other activities. The company shall carry out risk assessment for its supply chain and shall not enter into any business relationship or if may require then shall suspend/discontinue the engagement with any such supplier involved in dealing with Conflict-Affected and High-Risk areas, Any form of Human Right Violation; Torture, Cruel, In-Human and Degrading Treatment; Forced/Compulsory Labour; Child Labour; Abuses such as widespread Sexual Violence; War Crimes; other serious violations of International Humanitarian Law, Crime against Humanity; Genocide and/or To Bribe or To be Bribed. We strictly condemn and prohibit any Direct/Indirect support to public/private security forces which illegally Control, Tax or Extort money from Mining Sites, Transportation Routes and Upstream Sectors. The Company shall carry out due diligence to assess risks related to procurement from the Conflict-affected and high-risk areas – CAHRAs and shall always source from compliant miners/refiners/traders. We shall always set reasonable efforts to source Conflict Minerals from smelters and refiners validated as being DRC Conflict Free, and require their direct and indirect suppliers to do the same; We strive to work supportively with our customers and supply chain partners in implementing conflict minerals compliance programs.
Policy – Due Diligence
The company shall always undertake to ensure that the extraction and trade of diamond support peace and development, not conflict. Royal Rays BV remains committed to enhance its Supply Chain Due Diligence program through internal review and external assessments. We have zero tolerance policy for the supplier violating OECD due diligence guideline and we shall immediately stop commercial relationship if any of our business associates found non-compliant or High-Risk during our internal/external risk assessment. Currently Royal Rays BV procure material from compliant miners/traders. However, we have established a strong due diligence process and we shall review it as an when we observed significant risk or upon receipt of any grievance or complaint but in normal course, we shall carry our due diligence process on annual basis.
RJC Compliance Policy
Royal Rays BV is a member of Responsible Jewellery Council – RJC and committed for ethical business practices and compliance with Code of Practices in all its business activities. The management of Royal Rays BV shall implement responsible ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the diamond supply chain, from mine to retail. We being a responsible entity of diamond supply chain believe in consumer confidence in our trade and request our business partners to follow same. As a part of best endeavors and responsible business entity, we anticipate co-operation of our business partners in adopting the standard and ensuring that the entire diamond supply chain is compliant with respect to business, social and environmental responsibilities. We strongly encourage all our business partners to follow and implement the various requirements of the RJC code of practice and other prevailing trade standards. More information about the Compliance Program is available on http://www.responsiblejewellery.com.
Grievance Mechanism
Our employees, suppliers and other parties can report concerns and alleged violations of supply chain/sourcing/due diligence policy as follows: Email: royalrays.sale@gmail.com Reports can be made anonymously and will be kept confidential to the fullest extent practicable and allowed by law. We will not take any retaliatory action against our employees, suppliers, or other parties who make a report in good faith. All the grievances shall be responded within 15 working days. Our suppliers are encouraged to contact royalrays.sale@gmail.com if they wish to seek guidance on the application of this Policy. Date: 01/04/2023 Belgium
Due Diligence and Risk Assessment of suppliers
The management of company has completed due diligence and risk assessment of all its suppliers pertaining to the trade compliance, compliance with the RJC requirements and OECD guidelines and found all suppliers are in compliance with the requirements of CAHRA’s. No suppliers found involved in dealing with Conflict affected and high risk areas.